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The Riviera Tennis Club

The Riviera Tennis Club is one of the oldest and largest tennis clubs in the Western United States. Formerly a polo ground and site of the 1932 Olympic polo competitions, it was re-purposed in 1963 for racket sports and today features a total of 24 courts. 20 hard courts, 2 clay courts and 2 ball machine courts. Like our famous golf course, the tennis club is also a championship setting.

Riviera has one of the largest tennis teaching program of any tennis club in the region. There are 10 teaching pros and 3 hitters available exclusively to members and their families to provide tennis lessons.

Our club also has one of the most engaged memberships of any tennis club in the Western United States. We have active members ranging in skill from international touring professionals and nationally ranked juniors to beginners. Our members always have a match. The Riviera Tennis Club devotes significant resources to arranging games and making introductions.


Junior Program

The Riviera Tennis Club is pleased to offer our 

2020 Junior Summer Series!

The Summer Series program includes week-long semi-private tennis lessons for juniors ages 4 to 18 years old. These lessons are a departure from traditional large classes and camps allowing students more personalized instruction and development. Our world-class team of tennis professionals make learning fun and safe! Space is limited.

See more details below. Register by clicking on the link to the appropriate class.

Players are eligible for member pricing only if they are part of a family membership at the Riviera Tennis Club.

See our FAQ below.


Adult Stay & Play:   Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced player. Class times 1:00-2:30pm, 2:30-4:00pm

Dropping off? Stay & Play! Throughout August, The Riviera Tennis Academy will be offering an adult series of weekly classes for all members and non-member with children enrolled in the Summer Series. Each adult session will constant of week-long, 90-minute semi-private lessons based on skill level. Early registration is encouraged, as sessions are limited. 2:1 student teacher ratio. Advanced players contact to schedule.

Red ball 60-minute lessons (ages 4-7): 

Players in this format are being introduced to the proper grip, preparation and swing path for each stroke as well as learning the basic footwork patterns and stances. Tactically, red players are acquiring the skills of consistency, placement, and basic spin as they learn to control the ball and rally. To begin points, red players are developing a toss and rhythmic service motion to minimize double faults and learning to apply the proper ground-stroke technique. 

  • 2:1 student/teacher ratio max. 

  • 60-minute lesson blocks begin at 8am and go until 5pm.

Orange ball 90-minute lessons (Ages 7-10) 

Players need to develop greater racquet-head speed to control the ball with improved pace, spin, height and depth. Tactically, orange players are developing high percentage patterns from the baseline and improving net transition skills on a larger court. Orange players are progressing in their ability to hold serve with greater spin, power and control and are learning to read the serve and adjust the size of their back swing on the return accordingly. 

  • 2:1 student/teacher ratio max. 

  • 90-minute lesson blocks begin at 8am and go until 5pm.

Green ball 90-minute lessons (Ages 8-12) 

Designed for the advanced beginner who is older elementary to middle-school aged. Players should be able to rally from baseline and demonstrate a strong understanding of the fundamental strokes of tennis. We will emphasize game strategy while using fun drills and point play. UTR 0.0-2.0. 

  • 2:1 student/teacher ratio max. 

  • 90-minute lesson blocks begin at 8am and go until 5pm.

Academy Prep Levels 1 90-minute lessons  (Ages 10+)  

Academy Prep lessons use regular tennis balls and are tailored to our students' individual needs. It is a comprehensive approach to technical and tactical training. The class is divided into three levels. Level one is for older players that are newer to the sport and have not had much instruction or match play experience. Level two players should have a few years of in-depth playing experience. These athletes should begin competing in tournaments or UTR match play. Level three players routinely compete in UTR and USTA events. Ages 10-18. UTR level 0.0-2.0

  • 2:1 student/teacher ratio max. 

  • 90-minute lesson blocks begin at 8am and go until 5pm.

Academy Prep Level 2: 90-minute tennis lessons (Intermediate to High Intermediate)

  • Regular Tennis Ball

  • Universal Tennis Rating 2.0-4.0.

Academy Prep Level 3: 90-minute tennis lessons (High-Intermediate to Advanced)

  • Regular Tennis Ball

  • Universal Tennis Rating greater than 3.0

UTR Match Play (Universal Tennis Rating) Click HERE for details and registration.

Students within the Riviera Tennis Academy are strongly encouraged to regularly participate in our UTR events, hosted almost every weekend. These matches provide valuable experience for players to familiarize themselves with competition and prepare for high school teams, USTA tournaments, and more. These matches are also the Academy's gateway to advance through our courses.

The Universal Tennis Rating (Powered by Oracle) is the global gold standard for all tennis players which reflects their current skill level based on actual performance. It is the world's only purely results-based rating system in tennis, which rates all players on the same 16-point scale regardless of age, gender or location. We offer singles & doubles match play for students capable of serving, rallying, and managing a match without outside assistance. Green ball and yellow ball options. Special registration site:, and search "Riviera Tennis". UTR 0.0+

***In order to be eligible for Member pricing, the youth participating in the program must be listed as a Player on the Riviera Tennis Club membership.

*** No Refunds or reductions are made for missed days, withdrawals, late arrivals or early dismissals. Any classes cancelled due to poor weather will be rescheduled at a later date. There are no refunds for weather cancellations.

*** Participants are required to sign up for the entire session. Final price is determined by the number of classes taken per week.

*** Once you choose the day(s) for each session you cannot adjust the day(s). The day(s) you choose will be set for the entire session.

*** No make-up classes are allowed within the session. Missed classes will not carry over to the subsequent session.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are we able to only purchase particular days of the week?

    1. No. Packages are sold by the week only. You do have the option to let friends take your lessons times which you cannot attend if and only if the names of the players filling in are emailed to a two days in advance.

  2. Are we guaranteed to have the same instructor each day of our lessons?

    1. No. While we do strive for that, it is not always possible.

  3. Can I request a particular coach for my lessons?

    1. You can, but we cannot guarantee their availability.

  4. What will the fall Junior Academy program look like?

    1. We do plan to host a similar program for the fall, but we will need to know more about what restrictions will be in place for LA County and what local school schedules will be. 

  5. Can my child be in the same class as their friends?

    1. Yes, but in order to do so we recommend coordinating with other families and simultaneously booking the same class at the same time. Spots will fill up quickly and we will not be able to move students between times and classes.

HEAD Penn Racket Sports is the official sponsor of the Riviera Tennis Academy. We proudly feature HEAD Penn rackets, apparel and equipment.

For More Information on The Riviera Junior Academy, please contact:

Collin Braun

310.454.6162 x324

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