The Riviera Country Club

The Riviera Country Club Guest Policies & Information

Guest Policies & Information

We look forward to seeing you at The Riviera Country Club. Below are some guidelines to make your visit more enjoyable.

Dress Code

In keeping with the tradition of Riviera’s elegance and sophistication we ask members and guests to respect the following code of dress:

Dining Room, Golf Course and Clubhouse

Proper attire must be worn throughout all areas of the Club at all times. The following Dress Code describes what is expected to be worn by our members and guests: 

Men are to wear slacks or full-length walking shorts and a collared shirt, which must be tucked in. Slacks in solid colors, thin pin stripes or light plaids are acceptable. 

Slacks with loud, repeating patterns or logos are not permitted.

Ladies are to wear sport blouses or shirts, with slacks, skirts or shorts no more than four inches above the knee. Yoga-style stretch pants are not permitted.

Caps and hats are always to be worn with the bill facing forward. Men must remove their hat when entering the Clubhouse.

Proper footwear must always be worn throughout the club. Non-metal spiked golf shoes are required for play and can be worn in the clubhouse. Inappropriate footwear includes open-toed sandals, flip-flops, and shoes without visible socks.

The Head Golf Professional has approval of golfing attire.  

As a reminder, changing clothes and/or shoes must always occur in the Club’s locker rooms, not in parking lots or other public areas.

The following attire is inappropriate:

Tank tops, tee-shirts, halter tops, mid-riff exposing tops, swimming attire, cut-offs or other short shorts, cargo pockets, denim (of any kind or color), running clothes, fitness club-wear, torn clothing, perspired clothes.   

Running or tennis clothes are not permitted on the golf course and practice facilities. 

Golf clubs and/or bags are not permitted in the main lobby, Terrace Dining Room or lounge, the Atrium or the stairwells. No clubhouse ingress or egress with golf clubs and/or bags is permitted.

Please refrain from running in the clubhouse.
If visitors have any questions regarding the Club's Dress Code or Etiquette policies please call the club at (310) 454-6591.

Tennis Club

Tennis shoes with non-marking soles must be worn on courts. Gym clothes, t-shirts, running or beach wear or any other garments not designed specifically for tennis are prohibited on the courts. Men may wear crew neck t-shirts provided they are made of Dri-Fit materials.

Denim is permitted.


Cell Phone Policy

As a courtesy to all members and guests, the use of cellular phones, PDAs and computers at the Club is permitted in designated areas only. These include the Men's and Ladies' Locker rooms, parking lots and the Tennis Deck. Please be respectful when using cellular phones. All sounds and alarms should be turned off.


Pet Policy

We ask that you please leave your pets at home when you visit The Riviera Country Club and The Riviera Tennis Club as they are not permitted on club property.


Guest Policy

Guest privileges are at the discretion of The Riviera Country Club and its parent corporation. **Click here to view the guest privileges information from the Club’s By-Laws.**


Guest Parking

After entering the club, guest parking is located immediately to the right of the guard gate. Please display your parking pass in your windshield during your stay. As a courtesy to members and guests, please refrain from parking in the Clubhouse Circle.