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Dress Code

In the tradition of Riviera’s elegance and sophistication we ask members and guests to respect the following code of dress:

In the Dining Room

Golf clothing and warm-ups are permitted in the Dining Room and Bar until 6:00 pm only. Men are required to wear jackets on Saturday night and on holidays. No casual, open-toed shoes are permitted. No hats are to be worn.

Proper footwear must be worn at all times. Socks must be worn with shoes. Denim is not permitted in the main clubhouse at any time.

For Golf Play

Tucked in shirts with collars and sleeves must be worn. Slacks, knickerbockers, sweaters and jackets that are made for golf are acceptable. Shorts and skirts that are no more than four inches above the knee (except standard style tennis skirts). Please wear hats appropriately.

The following attire is NEVER acceptable
Tee Shirts, tank tops, cut-off shorts, short shorts, cargo shorts, denim of any kind or color, swimming attire, halter tops, midriffs or other abbreviated tops.

Sweat suits, towels soaked with perspiration and running or tennis clothes are not permitted on the golf course or in the main clubhouse.

If visitors have any questions regarding the Club's Dress Code or Etiquette policies please call the club at (310) 454-6591.

Guest Policy

Guest privileges are at the discretion of the Riviera Country Club and its parent corporation. The following guest privileges information is from the Club’s By-Laws and pertains to each member.


We look forward to seeing you at The Riviera Country Club