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Vision Mission Core Values

Our Vision

“Only the best is good enough.”

Our vision statement is simple yet profound. It’s a quote that dates back to our original club planner, Frank Garbutt, and his dream for The Riviera Country Club. More than a motto, it is a promise that our executive team and staff strive to fulfill each day for our members and guests.

Our Mission

“We will create memorable moments by providing genuine hospitality and personalized service enabling the club to reach its targets.”

The Riviera Country Club team prides itself in being the catalyst for memorable moments each day. We are committed to exceeding expectations. Those who visit our club often remark that our staff continually goes above and beyond for our members and guests. Those acts, however small, are a symbol to our commitment to fulfill the mission of the club.

Our Core Values

Respect Life • Healthy Life • Enjoy Life

Respect Life

The dream of Riviera was built on the idea that we must "Respect Life" and the enjoyment of the treasures that surround us. When Frank Garbutt stated "Only the best is good enough," he was not just describing a golf course or club house, he was professing a philosophy for the very essence of Riviera.

It is our desire to help make the world a better place, and that starts by making the club a better place each day. From using the freshest local ingredients in our kitchens to environmentally sound maintenance practices on the golf course and grounds the Riviera is committed to the ecology and sustainability of our community and the planet.

Healthy for Life

Whether holding a five-iron, tennis racquet, or fork the Riviera's members and guests enjoy a "Healthy for Life" philosophy. Over the years, the club has embarked on a number of health and wellness initiatives and continue to improve upon them each year.

The activities our members have access to aid in both their physical health and mental health. Art and music play a role as well, furthering our wholistic approach to health consciousness.

Our kitchen uses sustainably sourced ingredients. The food we serve is purchased from farmers markets, local purveyors and is even grown in our own organic gardens. Our promise is to serve only the very best.

Enjoy Life

From The Riviera's spectacular golf course to the state of the art tennis facility to the grand and luxurious clubhouse, enjoying life at Riviera is as simple as stepping foot on these storied grounds.